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Our strengths and weaknesses



Recent company

Lutin Technologies™ was born in 2013, then some people could think that our company is not very experienced. However, our company was founded by Julien DANET, a highly-skilled IT engineer who has always been fond of the newest technologies.

One other advantage: we really want to strengthen our success day after day, and we dedicate 200% of our forces to this goal.


Very small company

Lutin Technologies™ is a small company, family-owned, counting less than 10 employees.
Indeed, we are not a huge multinational company, and we cannot be available 24/24 7//7. Sometimes (e.g. due to holidays or to different timezone), we may not be able to answer you in the next hour, even though we try hard to. On the other hand, we communicate easily from employees to directors and conversely.

Small catalog

We do not sell many products, this is true. This comes from that we choose our products very carefully, we want the best design and best performances, we care about making and packaging them properly.